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Skiing and Snowboarding
in the Gstaad - Saanenland Snowsports Region

Overview Gstaad Mountains Snow Parks Heli-Skiing

220 km (140 miles) of well groomed slopes in the Gstaad-Saanenland Ski RegionThe Gstaad - Saanenland region offers more than 220 km (140 miles) of well groomed slopes - approx. half of them are part of the Saanenland Snowsports Arena which is connecting five mountains (Horneggli, Saanersloch and Hornberg, Parwengesattel, Rinderberg) and the four villages of Schoenried, Saanenmoeser, Zweisimmen, and St. Stephan. There are some "local mountains" such as the Rellerli in Schoenried, the Wispile and the Wasserngrat in Gstaad, the La Braye in Chateau d'Oex, and the skilifts in Lauenen and Gsteig. Gstaad's Eggli is connected to the Videmanette, Rougemont, and finally, the Glacier 3000 offers snowsports from October through May.

57 mountain rides get skiers and snowboarders up to as high as 3,000 m (9,840 ft)
57 mountain rides starting at 1,000 - 1,300 m (3,280 - 4,264 ft) are accessing the hills and peaks of up to 3,000 m (9.840 ft). There are 26 skilifts, 17 chairlifts, 10 gondolas and 4 aerial cableways. Depending on snow conditions and the season, the Gstaad - Saanenland offers more than 100 runs - 60% of the main slopes are covered with artifical snow in order to guarantee snowsports including skiing / snowboarding back to the valley stations. 58% of the pistes are considered blue (easy), 27% red (medium) and 15% black (difficult).

Gstaad-Saanenland offers several heliskiing landing sites

Gstaad Mountain Rides also are offering four Snow Parks spread over the whole ski area, and night-time fun on the slopes. Anyone who didn’t get the chance during the day has ample opportunity to ski or snowboard at night-time with the floodlights on the Wispile and Rinderberg mountains. And finally, the Gstaad - Saanenland ski region has no fewer than six heli-skiing landing sites.

Gstaad Mountains:
The Saanenland Snowsports Arena: (Map "Sektor 1" - left)
The largest skiing and snowboarding area with 120 km (75 miles) of pistes spread over two mountain chains between the Simmental Valley and the Saanenland connecting four villages and consisting of the following five mountains:
- Horneggli - Schönried:
Horneggli - Schoenried
From Schoenried (1,231 m / 4,038 ft), the Horneggli Chairlift gets skiers and snowboarders up to the Horneggli at 1,770 m (5,806 ft) with it's well known mountain restaurant. Up there's a skilift, and several slopes, mainly blue and red ones down to the valley - including the "Mike von Gruenigen Run" named after the former Giant Slalom World Champion and Schoenried's local hero. Several slopes connect to the Hornberg ski area and the other mountains of the Saanenland Snowsports Arena.

- Saanerslochgrat & Hornberg - Saanenmöser:
Saanersloch and Hornberg - SaanenmoeserThe Saanerslochgrat and Hornberg area lies at the very heart of the region's largest ski arena. It is accessed from Saanenmoeser at 1,268 m (4,159 ft) either with the Saanersloch Gondola up to 1,937 m (6,353 ft) or with the Hornberg Chairlift up to 1,800 m (5,904 ft), or via the slopes from the Horneggli in the west, and slopes and chairlifts from the Rinderberg and the Parwengesattel from the east. The Hornberg area is particularly popular with families and winter sports enthusiasts because of its wide choice of blue and red pistes, its many restaurant offers, cozy alpine huts and ski bars. Also Freestylers find plenty of challenges at the "Vanillaz" Snow Park.

- Parwengesattel - St. Stephan:
Parwengesattel - St. Stephan

The Parwengesattel at 1,985 m (6,511 ft) is accessed by two chairlifts from St. Stephan in the Simmental Valley from 1,000 m (3,280 ft) via Lengebrand at 1,383 m (4,536 ft), or from the Saanersloch ski area via the Chaltebrunne Chairlift. It delights skiers and snowboarders alike with wonderful pistes on a sun-spoilt high-altitude terrace.

- Rinderberg - Zweisimmen:
Rinderberg - ZweisimmenThe valley station of the Rinderberg Gondola is located just accross the street of the Zweisimmen railway station, making it an ideal starting point for winter sports enthusiasts arriving by train from the east (Bern - Thun - Interlaken - Spiez). The Rinderberg offers black, red and mainly blue pistes including the longest run of the Saanenland Ski Arena starting at 2,011 m (6,596 ft) down to Zweisimmen at 948 m (3,109 ft). Via the Oeschseite Chairlift, the Rinderberg is connected to the Saanersloch and the other mountains of the Saanenland Snowsports Arena. Freestylers find plenty of options at the Snow Park and the Ski Cross - the only one in the Gstaad - Saanenland region.

Rellerli - Schönried: (Map "Sektor 1" - center)
Rellerli - Schoenried
The Rellerli is Schönried's "sunshine mountain", facing south with panoramic views of the Alps. This mountain is an outdoor paradise not only for fans of wide pistes but also for winter hikers, and the perfect spot for anyone who enjoys the absence of crowds. The Rellerli is accessed from Schoenried at 1,231 m (4,038 ft) with a gondola up to 1,833 m (6,012 ft); up there are three skilifts, and several slopes of all levels get skiers and snowboarders down to the village.

Wispile - Gstaad: (Map "Sektor 1" - center)
Wispile - Gstaad
The Wispile is especially popular with families and children. It offers two skilifts at the bottom plus one skilift at the top with several easy slopes for beginners. The mountain with its restaurant at 1,911 m (6,268 ft) is accessed with the Wispile Gondola from Gstaad (at 1,050 m / 3,444 ft). Red runs and a black run offer attractive descents also to more advanced skiers and snowboarders. Further, the Wispile is known for its other activities such as winter hiking, sledding and paragliding.

Wasserngrat - Gstaad: (Map "Sektor 1" - center)
Wasserngrat - Gstaad

The Wasserngrat is Gstaad's smallest ski area with just one chairlift up to the top at 1,940 m (6,363 ft); however, it boast two superlatives: the "Tiger Run", the most spectacular (and steepest !) slope in and around Gstaad for proficient skiers and snowboarders, and the mountain restaurant with outstanding cuisine and a wonderful terrace offering fantastic views of the Saanenland.

La Braye - Château-d'Oex
: (Map "Sektor 3")

La Braye is a small skiing area on the high plateau above Château-d'Oex, the capital of hot-air ballooning. It is accessed from the village at 958 m (3,142 ft) by a gondola and a chairlift to the top at 1,630 m (5,346 ft). This mountain offers various play activities for families and children, and 7 mountain rides with 35 km (22 miles) of blue, red and black runs. In spite of its modest altitude, snow is generally good until spring since the slopes are facing north. Freestylers are enjoying the new Highland Snow Park.

Lauenen (Map "Sektor 6") & Gsteig (Map "Sektor 5"):
Lauenen - Gstaad

The villages of Lauenen and Gsteig are both located within approx. 15 minutes driving distance to Gstaad and each offers a small and pleasant family skiing area with one ski lift.

Eggli - Gstaad: (Map "Sektor 1" - right)
Eggli - Gstaad
The Eggli is accessed either from Gstaad with a gondola, or from Saanen with a chairlift. This mountain with 2 skilifts at the top (at 1,672 m / 5,484 ft) offers wide and easy slopes and a cozy mountain restaurant with a large sun terrace. Further, the Eggli is connected with slopes and a chairlift via the Chalberhoeni to the Videmanette area, and thus, offering 50 km (31 miles) of attractive runs for skiers and snowboarders of all levels.

La Videmanette - Rougemont: (Map "Sektor 1" - right)
Videmanette - Rougemont / Gstaad
While other ski areas around Gstaad are characterised by gentle slopes, the Videmanette offers that ultimate alpine kick with its more demanding pistes around the limestonen pillar of "le Rubli". From Rougemont at 992 m (3,254 ft) the new gondola brings skiers and snowboarders to the top at 2,151 m (7,055 ft) from where long and attractive runs get down to the village or to the Chalberhoeni where a chairlift connects to the Eggli area, and the "Les Gouilles" Chairlift provides for the transport back to the Videmanette.

Glacier 3000: (Map "Sektor 4")
Glacier 3000 - Gstaad / Les DiableretsThe Diablerets Glacier allows for snowsports from the end of October through early May. Aerial Cableways from Reusch and the Col du Pillon bring winter sports enthusiasts as well as nature lovers up to the top at 3,000 m (9,840 ft) from where one enjoys spectacular panoramic views over 24 peaks over 4,000 m (13,120 ft) altitude, from the Mont Blanc to the Matterhorn and the summits of the Bernese Alps. Also the restaurant at the top station, designed by star architect Mario Botta, is worth a visit.  The 10 km (6.2 miles) ski run around the Oldensattel is the longest and one of the most challenging in the area. There are 3 skilifts and a chairlift on the glacier where besides skiing and snowboarding a large variety of other activities are offered, such as winter hiking, cross-country skiing, dog sled rides and the highest bobsleigh track in the world – the Alpine Coaster. Glacier 3000 also is a popular ski touring area, and it's Snow Park is well known even among pro-riders.

Snow Parks:
the Rinderberg Snowpark in Zweisimmen
Unlike conventional parks, the obstacles at the Snow Park Rinderberg are scattered across the entire mountain, offering more than 3 km (2 miles) of slope-style fun. Elements: Kickers, Bonk, Butterbox Ribcap Rainbow, Wall, Wittwersport Wave, Creators A-Framebox, Rivella Jubtins,  Beginners' Rail, Ski School Rainbowbox, Up'nd Down Railbox.
Special Attraction: Ski Cross with Wild Waves, Bowls, Banked Curves and Jumps providing a rush of adrenaline.

the Vanillaz Snowpark at the Saanersloch in Saanenmoeser
The Vanillaz Playground Snow Park at the Saanerslochgrat features many creative elements and the lift facilities guarantee quick transports up to the Park's drop-in zone. Elements: Kickers, A-Frame Box, Kinked Box, Wallride, Bonk Section, Wood-Bonks, Quarter-Pipe and the 18 m (59 ft) Kicker (depending on snow conditions...), and the Mini Park with Mini Kickers, Wave Piste, Mini Rails and Boxes.

La Braye:
the la Braye Snowpark in Chateau d'Oex

The Highland Park is the latest Snow Park of the Gstaad Ski Area offering freestylers a challenge in the Pays d'Enhaut, too. The Snow Park is located at the La Braye summit where skiers and snowboarders can get their adrenalin kick on ramps of various levels of difficulty and ski jumps for beginners and advanced riders. Elements:  2 Kickers, several Rails, Boxes and Tables.

Glacier 3000:
the Snowpark at Glacier 3000
The Glacier 3000 Snow Park is located in the Bernese Oberland's only glacier area. It opens already in late October making it the ideal training ground for pro-riders. Its many elements are spread over four lines. The "Big Mama", a giant jump, is enough to set the heart of any freestyler. Elements: Kickers, Big Hip, Big Jump, Table Butter, Curve, Whoops Line, Down Flat Down, Box Flat Gap Down, Box Flat, Rail Flat, Flat Box Beginners, Flat Top Beginners, Rail Flat Beginners.

Heliskiing at the Wildhorn in the Gstaad-Saanenland Ski Region
Experience the Bernese Alps at their most beautiful in the company of a mountain guide or a ski instructor. The Gstaad - Saanenland ski area offers six heli-skiing landing sites (Gstellihorn, Wildhorn, Vordere Walig, Stalden, Gumm, Glacier de Tsanfleuron) providing for the ultimate challenge and experience for freeriders and powder snow enthusiasts.
Please Note: Heli-skiing tours require the company of a mountain guide or ski instructor. For any question, to request an offer and/or to make a reservation,please complete this form.